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Javier Matos, The Lark & the Loon, Tree Party

Javier Matos, The Lark & the Loon, Tree Party

An evening of three acts at The Viking Bar, a roots-oriented lineup, featuring a large stretch of geographical and chronological influence.

Javier Matos

Javier Matos, an expressive bluesman, songster and accomplished performer of local and national recognition. "In a time when blues is defined by a boring tendency for slick or overzealous distortion, Matos isn't afraid to keep it real and make it bleed." - Ian Power~MN Daily

The Lark and the Loon

The Lark and the Loon are former Minneapolis residents and performers Jeff Rolfzen and Rocky Steen. Former West Bank musical staples the two are returning to Minneapolis for their first full appearance in a long while. " This is exciting stuff. It has country-blues weaving through the melody, joy and pain riding their rustic tonsils and these young people have brought the truth in authentic folk music back from the dead." - John Apice, No Depression

Tree Party

Tree Party creates a sound invoked from country roots and historical curiosity. With a modern and ever evolving sound, they bring different motifs to their songcraft while remaining poised to stand all on their own. 
“Tree Party shows it knows how to put its own spin on the desperate pain of early folk traditions, creating a kind of dark, sparse rock ‘n’ roll quality more reminiscent of Tom Waits or Nick Cave than Bill Monroe." - A.V. Club