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Courtney Yasmineh Band

Courtney Yasmineh Band  

About Courtney Yasmineh Band

Courtney Yasmineh isn't necessarily a rulebreaker, she just plays by her own rules. From skipping town out of Chicago as a teenager and holing up in a cabin in northern Minnesota, where she focused an obsession with Bob Dylan into the beginnings of her craft as a songwriter, guitarist and singer, to self-releasing five albums and an EP, and doing nine tours of Europe and a half-dozen in the US (all self-booked, no less), she is simply unstoppable. With each album she's continued to expand her musical universe, stretching across the spectrum from indie pop to alt-country to full-tilt rock and roll, all the while writing better and better genuinely smart songs that are deeply personal yet touch on subjects and feelings everyone can relate to.

Title track from Courtney's 2015 new full length album. Joe Pollock Films. December 23rd, 2014 Chambers Hotel, Minneapolis.

Music at 8:30pm, no cover.