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Tea & Sympathy, Cranial Fracking

Tea & Sympathy


Cranial Fracking


About Tea & Sympathy

Alicia Corbett and Jay Basso became songwriting partners in 1986, during their days growing up in small towns in northern Michigan. Fans of The Replacements, they decided to move to Minneapolis in 1991 when Alicia picked up a Rolling Stone magazine and found out The CC Club was a favored hangout. Tea and Sympathy formed shortly after that, and started performing in area clubs almost immediately.

Alicia Corbett is the John Banville of songwriting. Her songs pull back the layers and delve deep into the minutiae of what it is that makes us tick. Examining the lyrics one gets the impression that each story has been painstakingly and lovingly revised and reduced down until you know she can take it no further. One also finds with Corbett that the slow unraveling of her stories does not always lead to happy endings. What chance that Bonnie Prince Billy or Nick Cave might be lined up to duet on some of those darker songs!

Music at 9:00  

Free show!

Earlier Event: October 3
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